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Clinical Intensive in Ego-State Therapy

This course features a series of 4 two-hour teleseminars focused on complex clinical questions and your most challenging cases. If you’ve taken other training in ego-state therapy (which is a requirement for this e-course), then you already know what a valuable method it is to treat complex trauma as well as many other related issues including anxiety, depression, panic, pain, and other atypical symptoms. For information about Dr. Claire Frederick, please visit www.clairefrederick.com.

Empowering the Self through Ego-State Therapy

Two 90 minute teleseminars and e-book written by Dr. Claire Frederick and Dr. Maggie Phillips specifically for this course featuring new methods, and the science that supports them, of understanding and working with internal conflicts that can block even the most well-conceived healing efforts.

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JabberDay  has made a comment on  Paris 2010 You Tube Video:

I know Dr Phillips and recommend anything she teaches, she is so knowledgeable, so diligent and caring about getting spreading the word on how to resolve trauma, which is very needed in our world today. Single-handedly she has done so much to help the world. I love Dr Phillips and am thankful for her work.


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